The pure silver nuggets in this jewellery are made using Precious Metal Clay. The clay consists of very fine particles of silver, a binder and water. Each bead is shaped, dried, filed smooth and fired. As it is fired the binder burns away leaving pure silver. Finally the beads are tumble polished, combined with semi precious stones and finished with handmade sterling silver hooks. If the silver beads become tarnished they can be cleaned with Goddards foaming silver polish.


Peridot and Silver Necklace

Peridot and silver chipbead necklace

Grass green and fresh

Length 43cm approx  Peridot beads up to 6mm

£70.00  (inc p&p)

Amber and Silver Necklace

Amber and silver chipbead necklace

Wonderful spiky amber with chunky pure silver beads

Approx 46cm long  Beads variable up to 20mm

£80.00  (inc p&p)

Labradorite and Silver Necklace

Labradorite and silver chipbead necklace

Soft grey with fabulous blue flashes

Approx 43 cm  Beads approx 8mm

£70.00  (inc p&p)



Chipbeads and Silver

Turquoise, moonstone, amethyst, lapis and silver chipbead necklaces

Turquoise, Moonstone, Amethyst and Lapis

All with pure silver beads and sterling hooks

Approx 43cm

Turquoise and Silver

All the colours of a sunny seaside    £70.00  (inc p&p)


Moonstone and Silver

White and silver with fabulous blue flashes    £70.00  (inc p&p)


Amethyst and Silver

Intense deep purple   £70.00  (inc p&p)