Individually handsawn tiny stars to let the light through


Stargazy Cuff

Silver cuff with pierced stars

Sterling silver with a heart design of pierced stars

7cm tall   Hallmarked



Stargazy Copper Cuff

Star pierced copper cuff

Star pierced copper cuff

7cm tall

£85 (inc p&p)

Stargazy Light

star pierced silver tea light shade

Sterling silver tea light shade

Watch the candle light twinkle through the stars

7cm high  Hallmarked

£95.00   (inc p&p)


Stargazy Slide

star pierced silver hairslide

Sterling silver hairslide with star pin

6.5 x 4.5cm  Hallmarked

£100  (inc p&p)


Stargazy Bangle 1cm

Star pierced sterling silver bangles

Sterling silver star pierced bangle 1cm wide


£75.00  (inc p&p)